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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

After years of studying human development and behavior, countless hours listening to the pain experienced by people sitting on my couch, and examining my own personal struggles, there is only one conclusion. Our relationships with others is the source of both joyful bliss and agonzing heartache. We see this everyday in the birth of a newborn baby, the wedding vows exchanged between a newlywed couple, the slamming of the door as the teenager storms out of the house, the betrayal of infidelity, or the loss of a loved one to addiction. Nothing is more powerful than the love experienced by a parent or lover. Just ask the mom who runs into the busy street to grab her child's hand, or the man who drives 1000 miles to hold his sweetheart in his arms. Love moves us. And as cliche' as it sounds love is all that matters after all.

Imagine a world where parents don't grow tired of their children's behavior or turn away from them in pursuit of their own interests. A place where divorce is not an option, and families push through hard times together and grow stronger by overcoming each of life's struggles. The result, committed couples, emotionally healthy kids, and healthy interdependent families.

The foundation of a healthy, strong connection is the attachment bond developed early in life and then later with a partner in our romantic relationships. It is created by turning toward our baby or loved often in a genuine, loving, and secure manner on a consistent basis.

This blog will address issues in relationships between parents and kids, couples, and families with emphasis on attachment, connection, conflict regulation, parenting, and tips for creating and maintaining lifelong loving relationships. This is my passion.


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