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Couples counseling- Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy

Couples entering therapy typically report feeling alone in the relationship and longing to connect. I view unhappy couples as “stuck” not “broken”. Thus the goal is to break out of the negative cycle they are stuck in and create a more secure connection as they begin the journey back to each other.


In couple’s therapy I use a combination of Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Research on Couples. I have experience and specialized training in both. EFT is an empirically validated approach to couples’ therapy based on the science of adult love and attachment. The ultimate goal of EFT is for couples to reconnect and strengthen the bond between them resulting in a close, safe, and secure connection. Although many relationships begin this way, over time, partners in the relationship may start to distance from one another resulting in increased conflict or turning away from each other focusing on their children, work, on even an affair partner outside the relationship.



Couple Assessment (couple together) 60 minutes

Couple Assessment Individual (individual sessions each partner) 50 minutes each

Subsequent Sessions  (couple together) 60 minutes


Couples workshop- Seven Principles for Making Relationships Work 

This workshop is based on the scientific findings of the Gottman Institute and is presented as a 6-hour couples retreat style workshop conducted in select private locations. It is designed to help improve and enhance your relationship while learning skills used by happy couples.




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